An amazing F-35B project!

I have a friend who is relatively new in scale modeling. This is only his sixth built model. From what I saw in his previous kits, he lacks some painting skills due to lack of experience, he doesn’t see some of the details properly, and misses the great deal of the weathering process. And this is pretty normal. For a newbie.

He is also a fan of F-35 and F-22, F-15 and F-18. Now, I am pretty sure you all know what we are talking about. A fresh one, with an interest in something that usually interested all of us in the start. And this friend of mine called me the other day to share his work on his latest F-35.

It is B version from Kitty Hawk, which is a rather mediocre kit in general, and from what I’ve heard during the building of the kit, I expected to see one not-so-decent kit, if not a complete mess.

What I saw, was not only a great looking F-35B, but a highly improved KittyHawk kit, with one hell of a set of scratch building and engineering. This is something that most people usually never see, or only see in the magazines. I saw it in person. This is, for me of course – the most stunning scratch built project and even though I needed some more weathering over it, I can easily miss it for what it has to show for from its other side.

Enough said here, I know that my words are not enough in this case. I just want to prepare you:

This is one amazing engineering challenge, done by a young, smart and very promising modeler called Milan. He is part of our club, and he is a friend of mine. And I am proud with what he did.

Here it is: