F-16, Mirage 2000 & A-10 Ukrainian Camouflages DN Models scale model masks

F-16, Mirage 2000 & A-10 Ukrainian Camouflages?

We’ve been asked for quite some time and on multiple occasions, when and if we will be releasing Camouflage patterns for Ukrainian A-10 and F-16. Our usual answer is: “Not until we see the real ones first.” However, that often does not stop the conversation and additional discussions are being born, among which are “What if” patterns, Custom Orders and what not. We thought is about time to do our own research, or more accurately put – to share what we’ve already discovered on the subject, throughout the span of the last 8 or so months.

Ukrainian camouflages have been in our line of masks long before the Russo-Ukrainian war started. We like and admire the appearance of Ukrainian Air Force jets and the popularity of Ghost of Kyiv was not a surprise to us. With that said, we have to add that we looked closely at the potential deals, implementing A-10s, F-16s and lately –  Mirage 2000 into Ukrainian Air Force. However, lack of information was what always stopped us from producing a mask sets dedicated to one of these. Actually, Mirage was never part of that long /political/ story, because that was discussed seriously just the last few weeks and rarely before.

With that said, let’s take a look at what we found out during our research and what we think it might be the potential future. Let’s start with F-16, since this is the most probable jet to enter service in Ukraine first. Unfortunately, what we’ve heard is that F-16 won’t be painted in colors different that the ones already used. Even if that might be disappointing to some, you have to understand that standard two-tone gray scheme works perfectly for that small jet, therefore the need for additional painting and complications is unnecessary. That is not conclusive, but it is what experts say it will happen. Aggressors are your best bet in case you want your Viper to shine. We hope that won’t be final, but only time will tell.

Mirage 2000. The notorious French Delta is the latest promise to Ukraine, AFAIK both from Greece and France. The obviously have a surplus. The 2000 is very potent plane, on par with early F-16s, from which Ukraine is about to get. If this deal gets through, it is more likely to see specific camouflages applied, because most Mirages are painted in blue-gray camouflage, similar to the standard Flanker. If we take into consideration what Ukrainians made from their Su-27s with Splinter and Digital camos, we can expect new and beautiful Mirage paintworks ahead. Once again, not conclusive, but very promising. We haven’t seen single tone Mirage 2000, so that should mean something.

Last, but not least, A-10. The mighty Warthog is the perfect substitute for Ukrainians Su-25s. Latter are no longer in production and even if they were, it is unlikely to be an active offer from the Russians. On the other hand, USA, being the sole operator of A-10s are trying to get rid of the plane for years. However, it is difficult for politicians to ditch it just like that, because A-10 is another very potent machine with proven record. Ukraine might be its last destination though, since US will drop it from its budget both quietly on one hand and on the other – with a big bang as a help for the “Free World and Free Ukraine”. However, Ukraine expressed mixed opinions about the value of the jet lately, so if they don’t want it, probably nobody will force them to get it. If they do on the other hand, it is unlikely that it will remain in light gray scheme worn by the US Air Force. We expect it to inherit Frogfoots paint scheme. It will suit it perfectly.

None of the above written is final, nor is officially confirmed. All the information is gathered from various sources during the last 6 to 8 months. Things change rapidly and we might be wrong. However, from what we managed to grasp, A-10s might never show up on the Eastern front, F-16s probably will remain in their original paint and for the French ladies…who knows. One thing is certain – as soon as something new and interesting appears, we will immediately focus on it. On top of that, we will try and do it for all the popular scales. The latter depends of course, on the complexity that Ukrainians decide to present us with and the availability of suitable kits on the market. We can promise you this though: we will do our best whatever the future holds!