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F-14A from Great Wall Hobby

F-14 pops out in the news quite often last couple of years. It first started with Tamiya F-14A, then they released F-14D. Both in 48th scale. AMK are struggling to release their D version, for which there have been several announcement during last two years, all of them false.

Now I love it when this happens: A company /or sometimes a modeler/ who plans everything ahead with great precision and even greater expectancy. It takes months, sometimes even years to look through all the angles. The product planned is about to be state-of-the-art, one of a kind and ridiculously accurate and full with goodies.

And then just before you see it happens, another company shows up with the same thing, better, already available /or almost available/ and promising the same or more and at a lower price and easier access.

That happens more often than not in modeling. I cannot begin to tell stories about kits full with resin, metal, decals and whatever aftermarket, all combined into a pile of expensive goodies sitting in a box on a shelf waiting. Waiting for the tiny last item that you need to turn your mediocre tooling into that perfection that everybody’s dreaming about. And just when you get it, a company releases a new tooling that has it all.

Well, that is about to happen. With the Tomcat and its A version. Many fell into Tamiya‘s option, improving it with this and that and even more fell into that AMK promise-loop, expecting the altered variation of their favorite jet. Tamiya lacks sophistication typical for the times we live in, AMK rely on MiG-31 glory which begins to fade.

What we are about to get is something that will most likely beat both of those mentioned above. Great Wall Hobby provided an amazing line of MiG-29s, a superb line of 72nd scale Eagles and now they are onto the Tomcat. I bet they will release their kit at the same time /if not sooner/ than AMK and soon after, another option will follow.

Tamiya will be quickly pushed out of the scene, even though their kit is good. However not flexible enough in terms of spoilers, flaps and what not. Things, that we all know Great Wall Hobby are very good at.

Will it be competitive to AMK? You bet it will! Just look at their MiG-29s. What is included in the box and how it is executed. They might even release it quicker, since AMK are more about talking than producing new kits. I assume you remember that three versions of MiG-25 were promised for 2017. But on the other hand MiG-25 is a fast jet so it might’ve passed us without even seeing it. Who knows.

So new F-14A? Yes, more than welcome!

Great Wall Hobby? Oh, yeas, they proved their point with the kits they released so far.

What can one say, besides maybe: Thank you!

We look forward to it.