Enigma T-55 from Tamiya. Iraqi perspective of a T-55 Tank

Enigma T-55 is a very rare variant of the famous T-54/55 series, one of the most produced tanks on the planet. This version is very obscure and unpopular, and probably just because of that, Tamiya gave us a model of it few years ago. New releases from Takom and upcoming new tooling from Trumpeter, again woke the interest towards T-55 among modelers.

T-55 is an old tank but still very widely used in different conflicts all over the World. This particular version of it is not that famous, but in the same time, is probably the meanest looking 55 of them all. T-55 Enigma is actually an Iraqi version of the T-55. It was modified as a commander’s vehicle by the Iraqis. It features additional armor over the turret, making it looks like a spaceship rather than a medium tank. During the famous battle of Khafji, it proved its point, surviving hits from helicopters. Actually, this information might be propaganda, but there are some leftovers from those T-55s after Desert Storm, so it’s quite possible for them to have had high survival rate.

Nowadays, tank is popular from Tamiya 35th scale model kit, and from World Of Tanks game. Probably because of it’s out-of-this-world shape, or because it just looks fancy and different, it is played by the fans of WOT. Of course, our item of interest here is the scale model tank, so let’s get onto it:

As a T-55 is a bit of obsolete design, with slightly old moldings. However, its accuracy seems OK, and the few things that it needs are: aftermarket tracks, some photo-etch, gun barrel and eventually some scratch build stuff. Last one is not a necessity, but if you want your Enigma to shine for real, this is the way to go.

T-55 released from Takom, and the ones expected from Trumpeter are supposed to be ages ahead compared to that one from Tamiya. However, if you want Enigma T-55, this is what you gotta deal with. Kit bashing is also an option, but test fitting has to be made prior to start the project.

You can get this kit here: Tamiya T-55 Enigma

Here’s what we have in the box: