eduard's upcoming spitfire 1/48 mk.i dn models masks for scale models

Eduard’s upcoming Spitfire Mk.I in 48th scale


Eduard’s upcoming Spitfire Mk.I will be a definite hit. That is certain, even before any info about the kit’s engineering or contents is made available. The reason for that certainty is the history the Czech company made with their 109, as well as with their MiG-21 family. Same goes for their later Spitfire versions. Now, we will have the first Spitfire as well. And this comes as a surprise, knowing that they produce a beautiful BIG Sin set for Tamiya’s Spitfire Mk.I. Latter one, by itself – a piece of art.

Eduard’s upcoming Spitfire will mark the beginning of a whole new sub-family. That will include Spitfires from the early versions. Even ones with two-blade propeller are already being hinted. It is surprising, because those options are not that popular. At least not among general modeling society. On the other hand, they are indispensable for Spitfire maniacs. As for the Mk.I and on, it is clearly a good decision. If Tamiya have decided to take that road, they probably did their research. We all know they pay insane amounts of money on research.

eduard's upcoming spitfire tamiya 61119 dn models masks for scale models

How will the two 48th scale Mk.Is compare is another story. It is true that many have made comparisons and drew parallels in between new tool Me-109s both from Tamiya and Eduard. There is still no clear winner though. If you ask for precision, rivets, small and intricate details, Eduard are there for you. But if you wan’t to enjoy the pure pleasure of modeling, encounter less troubles and have almost guaranteed results – Tamiya is the path.

Eduard’s upcoming Spitfire

will probably present us with the same dilemma. Either to choose the traditional Japanese approach, or the innovative Czech modeling design.

We, at DN Models found out that Tamiya kits are always welcomed and our products are very popular when it comes down to that specific brand. One of the main reasons is their accuracy in shape and size. Another is their superb research and spot-on markings and description. That’s why, learning that we will get a new Spitfire from Eduard, we decided to update our line with Spitfire’s markings included in Tamiya’s kit. That will make them available option for the future Eduard buyers, giving them the option to build Eduard and make it look like Tamiya. Even maybe build them side to side with equal markings, but different plastic underneath. Lacking Tamiya’s notorious decal troubles of course. 

Spitfire Mk.I Numbers and Insignia Paint Mask Set for Tamiya #61119 1/48 dn models masks for scale models

Eduard Spitfire would not disappoint. Nether Tamiya’s option. But in the end, they are rather small airplanes even in quarter scale. Price tags are not scary either. So there is the obvious answer – get them both. Especially if you are a Spitfire fan. That way you will get whatever you want from both worlds. And with DN Models’ masks? The end result will be even better!