Eduard will release 48th Scale Mustang in 2019

Eduard will release 48th Scale Mustang in 2019

Eduard will release 48th Scale Mustang in 2019 – this is one of the most interesting announcements after Nuremberg 2019 Toy Fare. Although the most beautiful Mustang available on the market is in the larger scale at the moment – Tamiya 1/32 – Eduard will hit hard on the smaller scene. If that ain’t news, I don’t know what is!

The Czech model maker provided us with their superb toolings of Bf-109, Fw-190 and Spitfire, all in quarter scale, which most likely led to the release of another WWII fighter legend – the P-51 Mustang. Of course, there are toolings like MENG Models, which supposedly does not require glue to be completed, as well as legendary Tamiya releases /which are a bit old/, but probably nothing will come close to this upcoming Eduard release.

Their Tempest proved another point – that in 48th scale you can get as much detail, as with any 32nd scale kit or even larger. A good example is the fact that several Eduard Spitfires in 48th scale, complete with resin and PE are competitive and even better than Tamiya’s 32nd scale model, which features nothing but perfection. The Tempest mentioned, features beautiful panel lines and many small rivets and details that are typical for the larger scale, but not for 48th. And it is like that for all of their releases mentioned above. They are simply mind boggling!

With this release, Eduard are announcing their firm intentions to stay on 48th scale scene firmly and for a long, long time. Nowadays, they have the best Wurger, Spit, 109, Tempest and now, we will get the Mustang too. And that is only from the Second World War. They have more and in other scales too.

It is really interesting how far they will go. Obviously their intentions are very serious and they are aiming to be one of the best on the market. Probably, they are halfway there already. But as we all know, it takes time. The good news is, that Eduard obviously know how to manage theirs very productively!

Good work!