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Eduard MiG-15 1/48

Eduard MiG-15 in 72nd scale is one great little kit. Its details, when properly exploited by the builder, are astonishingly vivid. In that scale, MiG-15 from the Czech company has stopped the breath on many shows around the World and despite its modest size it doesn’t fail to amaze to this day. However, in 2024 Czechs are seemingly planning a successor to their legend. Something, that in the way we know Eduard are doing their thing, is going to be an immediate contender for the top 5 in its scale. And the scale this time is different.

We are talking a newly tooled 48th scale MiG-15 upcoming. A plane that is among the most produced aircraft ever and among the legendary achievements in aviation. A swept wing jet from Soviet Union, that fought in Korea and was the first of series of MiGs that shook the aviation enthusiasts for decades. Fagot – as it was called in NATO – was the main adversary of North American F-86 Sabre. But most importantly, it was the father of MiG-17. Latter one, called initially MiG-15-45.

But enough with the history lessons. Let’s get back to modeling. In 48th scale MiG-15 will still be modest in size. But it will give us far more to work with compared to the smaller option Eduard thus far provided. In addition, Eduard’s line of aftermarket goodies is getting better and better. Just look at their Wildcat line and you will be amazed on how much you can add to their basic kit. There is no doubt, that for MiG-15 in 48th scale will be the same. Probably even wider range of parts will be provided.

After all, MiG-15 is a plane that was used a lot more than many others, including aircraft such as latest gem from the Czech company – the abovementioned Wildcat. Having that in mind, plus the fact that there is a two-seater version of the MiG-15, we are in a deep water here. This release and its weight in the jet modeling World will be very serious and probably close to Eduard best release ever – their MiG-21. The latter is a bold statement, but MiG-15 is really something. As by itself, and as a the basis for -15UTI and then MiG-17.

We trust that this is where Eduard are headed.

With the level of engineering they demonstrated over the years, we have no doubt that we will get a winner. It is hard to say that before you see the kit in person, but hey…Czechoslovakia made their own real MiG-15s back in a day. Do you think they will fail us with 48th scale copy?