DSPIAE ES-P - Portable Electric Grinder dn models scale model masks

DSPIAE ES-P – Portable Electric Grinder


Dspiae is a brand that barely needs introduction. Famous for their superb nippers, the company slowly but steadily gained fame as one of the very best /and very posh/ producers available. Their color is attractive, but more important than that, the quality they offer is hardly beaten by anyone. The range they are offering is narrower than, let’s say Tamiya or Trumpeter tools, but every start is difficult. In other words, what we expect from them is to expand significantly in the near future, based on the fact that anything we have tested from them left us charmed. And with that said, the protagonist in this story – DSPIAE ES-P – is the latest we tried.

DSPIAE ES-P - Portable Electric Grinder dn models scale model masks


As you can see from the picture above, DSPIAE are not toying around. Their packing – as before – is stylish and high-end produced. That means smarts, good materials and intriguing design. This portable grinder looks smaller than what we expected, but don’t let that fool you. It was done properly. The main tool is packed in smaller box, which, altogether with the box holding the cable and the bonus drill are wrapped in the sleeve in the picture above. As with their nippers, it is done with precision and it is not loose or tight, it fits perfect, which creates a pleasant feeling from the get go.

Electric Grinder

Dspiae ES-P is rather light /about 40 grams/ and very comfortable. It features three speeds of action and a motor that is surprisingly powerful for such a small handle. From the get go, its goal was to accommodate needs for finer and gentler work that tools like Dremel can potentially ruin. Such large devices are a bit of an overkill even with their extensions and at slowest speeds. Proxxon did that job fairly well, but it was too – a bit too much especially for smaller scales.

Not surprisingly, Dspiae filled that niche with ES-P. Not only that, but Border Model seem to offer similar looking tool, wearing different color, but mostly likely manufactured by Dspiae as well. The resemblance is such, that leaves not much room for doubt. That is not the only option either. But being faithful to our favorite nipper maker, we decided to get their option, which as you can see on the pictures is really cool add-on to the modeling bench.

DSPIAE ES-P - Portable Electric Grinder dn models scale model masks

The power is sufficient, which was a surprise. In the same time is not enough to melt through the plastic and with some additional sets, this can be used not only as a grinder and polisher, but as a cutter too. We haven’t tested that function per se, but with little creativity, a cutting disk will probably fit nicely and you will be able to surgeon your way into miniature perfection. But don’t do that without any careful consideration, experience and precaution! This tool was meant to be a grinder and any other activities with it are at your own risk. It is pretty powerful little fella. So just be careful and follow the instructions.

DSPIAE ES-P - Portable Electric Grinder dn models scale model masks

Lastly, at the bottom of the tool, where its USB-C charging port is, there is a bed for the L-shaped tool /used to tighten the chuck/ which gently slides in. Actually, if you don’t look for it, Dspiae managed to hide that very smoothly and save you both space and the chance to loose it. It is bearing the idea of a Swiss Army knife to some extent, although this statement is a bit of a reach. But we gotta give it to them. They did a great job with that too.

DSPIAE ES-P - Portable Electric Grinder dn models scale model masks

Cable & Drill

In the second box there is a drill/polishing bit in a cool plastic case with transparent top packed like a precious stone and a high-quality, flexible USB-C cable. It is pretty much clear that you can charge your tool with any such cable that you probably have at home, but as you can see from the pictures, Dspiae made it in such a way, that it is hard to resist. The colors, the branding and the quality of anything in this set is at a whole new level. It is beyond tempting.

Who said modeling tools cannot be luxury items? Not Dspiae.

DSPIAE ES-P - Portable Electric Grinder dn models scale model masks

The bit featured won’t be sufficient for all your work, that is certain. But it is nice to have it there for testing. It is rather universal option, which is great too, since if you haven’t ordered additional tools, this will most likely work for plenty of your projects initially. However, Dspiae offer their Portable Electric Grinder as a stand-alone tool, but as a set too, depending on your preferences. In our particular case, we picked the set for grinding and later on we’ve added the polishing option, which hasn’t been delivered yet unfortunately.

DSPIAE ES-P - Portable Electric Grinder dn models scale model masks

Tungsten Burr Set

Tungsten is a rare metal. Tungsten-Carbide is a compound containing 50% Tungsten and 50% carbon atoms. It can be formed into various objects, but it is most famous for being used in machinery, jewelry, abrasives, cutting tools and and even armor-piercing shells. Note the latter. What we have here is one very serious set of drilling/grinding bits, that, if manufactured properly will last you longer than a lifetime. Especially working in the hobby with models and such.

DSPIAE ES-P - Portable Electric Grinder dn models scale model masks

This Tungsten Carbide Burr Set is a purchasing option with the ES-P. There are several such, but we picked that one specifically, because every once in a while you might need to use the tool for more robust work and it is never a bad idea to have more instruments that you need. Of course, as a polishing tool, the Portable Grinder from Dspiae is indispensable, therefore we plan to use it with a polishing set, which we suspect will be perfect for canopies and clear parts overall. The latter probably deserves a separate review all together.

DSPIAE ES-P - Portable Electric Grinder dn models scale model masks

This set – as we mentioned already – will serve you for a lot more than scale modeling if the need arise. It cuts easily through wood, even through thicker plastic with various qualities. Scale models are rather gentle side of the spectrum, but this thing can work its magic on a wider scene for sure. The worst we put it through was a plastic shell used for outdoor use and it went through without much doubt. But that is not needed in scale modeling and it serves just as a heads up on what this thing can sustain.


The rotary tools such as Dremel and Proxxon are a fair companion for many modelers out there. But they can be a bit harsh on your model more often than not. Experience is needed and accidents tend to happen. Dspiae, with their ES-P kinda solved that puzzle. Their tool is more gentle, allows for longer sessions due to its size/weight and can substitute most of the things you do with the larger rotary tools on a daily basis. You can hardly polish a canopy with something stronger, therefore somehow Dspiae hit the golden middle of the required power.

The flexibility thanks to the battery embedded is great and powering it with USB-C solves all the other questions arising from that idea. Besides that, the ES-P is rather posh, luxurious looking item, that you might feel sorry abusing from time to time. Yes, that is how good they are with their manufacturing skills and color preferences. In conclusion, we gotta give it to Dspiae. Whatever they touch, it turns to gold. Or at least it turns to a very desired item that many of us will be proud having on their benches. For the longevity of it, we cannot tell yet, but knowing how good their ST-A 3.0 Nippers are, we are very hopeful. Dspiae simply know how to make things good.