su-34 trumpeter 01652 dn models mask set canopy camo wheels lights

DN Models masks for Trumpeter Su-34 1:72

DN Models masks are designed as a helping tool for camouflage schemes, canopies, wheels and lights. Various different scales and applications are available, but recently, 72nd scale came back to light. With the newest toolings in that scale, especially the wonderful designs from Trumpeter, many people increased the demand for add-ons, aftermarket parts and accessories for those. This includes masking solutions of course.

Su-34 from Trumpeter in 72nd scale is very tempting offer on the market nowadays. The aircraft is new tooling, far better than the one Zvezda and Italeri offered/and still do/ in that same scale. The new technologies and the constantly increasing level of the modelers, creates new demand for newly tooled, high-accuracy, very-high-quality moldings, all of which Trumpeter’s Su-34 incorporates.

The Su-34 is not a new plane, I’ve seen it in Paris Air Show back in 1997. It is a mighty beast and although old design, the Fullback /NATO name for the Su-34/ gained popularity during the recent and endless Syrian conflict. This is a very agile fighter-bomber, built over the well-known and still adequate Su-27 platform.

Su-34 is side-by-side configuration, which makes it a bit more interesting with its flat canopy, but the best thing about the plane is the sea camouflage.

Cover Su-34 Canopy and Wheels 72th Canopy su-34 su-32fn fullback trumpeter italeri hobby boss hobbyboss zvezda

Guided by those two factors, DN Models decided to give the fellow modelers a helping tool for both – the canopy and the camouflage. The first one is self explanatory. It is a must, especially in that scale, that will save you time and effort. Painting properly in 72nd scale is a hard task, and those who underestimate the possible damages from that process are mistaken.

The camouflage option of the Su-34 Fullback is very attractive, but its a complex one. Although for 32nd scale this particular camo is a free-hand option and for 48th scale can be done with the help of blu-tak /and or masks/, for 72nd scale masking is the only option if you are not airbrush pro.

The camo scheme is difficult because the colors are close nuances of blue-green tones, which with free-hand airbrushing might blur or lose their edges in 1/72. In the same time, Trumpeter kit offers a superb qualities, and to cope with that, we believe that masks are very good option to use for the purpose.

Camouflage paint masks dn models su-34 fullback fighter bomber sukhoi su-32 1/72 trumpeter

The camouflage is created based on the real aircraft, not trumpeter’s schematics, which are slightly off. Of course, that still gives you the option to alter things a bit, but have in mind that Su-34 is basically standardized in its camo pattern, so it is advisable to follow the overall mask scheme.

Hopefully, those two new products, including camouflage, wheels, lights and canopy masks will be a helping tool for many. Of course, we will soon start to work on the bigger scale too. The upcoming Kitty Hawk Su-34 in 48th scale is our main target, which so far seems to be the most accurate one. Unfortunately, with the accuracy issues demonstrated in the Hobby Boss release it dropped out of our list of projects. However, Trumpeter is superb kit, and in 72nd scale the plane is anything but small, so you will have fun with it no matter what scale you prefer! With that said, if you are interested in Trumpeter’s Su-34 1:72, check out our store for those two masks sets.

We wish you pleasant modeling and astonishing results!