DN Models Disc Camo Mask set 1/35

This is the most recent of the masks series from DN Models. It features two options of very popular disc camouflage, seen on Panther, STUG IV, Hetzer and others Wehrmacht vehicles.
The difference between both sets is
the size of the discs: some of the vehicles wore disc camouflage with different diameter roundels, and others – with equal size. They looked almost the same, but if looked closely, it can be seen that there is a difference.

The sets will feature additional spots, usable for angles, hard to reach parts, gun barrel, etc. There will be masking tape plenty enough to cover the model, and in addition, if carefully applied, they can be used again.
The disc camouflage is almost impossible to replicate without masks or stencils, thus this set will make life easier for the modeler. It is user-friendly, so even inexperienced modelers will have great results using it.
Both sets can be combined over one vehicle, in case turret and the lower hull wore different camo sometimes.

Vehicles who were painted that way:
Panther, STUG IV, E100, E25, E50, Hetzer, E74. Other probably were painted similar camouflages, but in case you want to be sure, please use reference photos. Having in mind the quantity of the German armour, possibilities are countless.

The paint masks should be applied only over surfaces already cured, in order to have guarantees that no paint will be damaged. This always means curing time of at least 24-48 hours for Acrylics, and 48-72 for Enamels.