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Displaying the F-4 Phantom properly – The Best Stand ever!

Zoukei-Mura keep surprising the modelers all around the World with their little precious gifts to the modeling society. Shortly after F-4S release, the Japanese maker showed a specially designed, hand-made and hand-painted pad for the Phantom. It is an excerpt from the deck of an aircraft carrier, more specifically – USS CV-41 Midway.

It is an old-school catapult system, which reflects perfectly to the option included in their latest release – F-4S – of an extended nose gear of an airplane ready to launch. The pad is designed for those who wish to present their Phantoms in Ready-to-fly option, being very popular at the modeling shows recently. It is somewhat controversial to the endless opened panels and visible internals, which makes the planes look odd. It is by itself – a controversial to the purpose of an airplane – to fly! Especially in 48th scale, ready-to-fly jets are more than attractive presented that way.

So in order to keep the modeling up to the desired level and still be able to present your aircraft in its full potential, Zoukei-Mura thought about this display pad. It is also with very decent size considering the huge chunk of plastic that F-4 Phantom II is in 48th scale. Besides, their /so far/ two releases are of the carrier based versions, which begs for such attribute to be purchased. Their Phantom is superb in quality and will look more dressed up with this pad.

The diorama pad is with diameter of 295mm, thickness of 6mm and total weight of 437 grams, which when you add your F-4 over it, will become pretty heavy display piece, with rather big size. The release date is 10 days away from this article, and the number of pads will be limited.

Zoukei-Mura are a company that leads the market with their innovations and precision, now incorporating art into the whole mix of goodies. They do know how to seduce the modelers and how to please them with results. So with this being said, you can conclude for yourself about the quality of this pad, but not only. Things are often labeled with prices. Here, with Zoukei-Mura everything is labeled with value. And value is great. It is the only thing that matters after all!

Go check www.zoukeimura.co.jp to secure your piece! You don’t have much time!