Awarded Model at Defenders of the Fatherland Exhibition

9th Exhibition – Defenders of the Fatherland in Nizhny Novgorod was held last 30 days. At the show, DN Models alongside IPMS Odessos were sponsors and award on their behalf was given to one of the best models at the show. The exhibition was quite a long one – beginning in the end of April and ending in the end of May. Such scale modeling shows are rare, due to lack of place and time for both – organizers and contenders.

Longer shows present wonderful opportunities for modelers to meet each other and to exchange knowledge and experience. For some it is a platform for work and showing off – building their kits or finishing them during the show duration. All in all, not a bad idea having longer competitions of that kind.

Category Best – World War II was the name of the award that DN Models alongside IPMS Odessos prepared for this year’s event. DN Models sponsored some of the awards, after being kindly asked by the organizers of the show. Actually, this isn’t the first show that was supported by the company nor the one that IPMS Odessos gave awards at. However, this was the first one that featured the DN Models logo in their official banner and the efforts were acknowledged by the organizers.

The models presented at the show was at a very high level. Russians are famous for their modeling skills and this show is rather big event, so you might guess the amount of models and the quality presented. Fortunately, organizers gave us access to a lot of pictures from the show and they are featured in a video dedicated to the exhibition.

This is 9th exhibition, so it is some sort of a tradition already. Even though organizing a trip to Russia is not the easiest thing to do, maybe its not a bad idea to visit this show in the near future. You will be facing tough competitors, but as seen in the video, the models presented will bring great joy and a lot of knowledge about scale modeling!

Check DN Models YouTube Channel for the video, you will love the models there!