dedicated to su27 g.w.h. 1/48 flanker ukraine dn models masks for scale models

Dedicated to their fight…

War is the worst thing that can happen today. It is not like a pandemic, where we are all interconnected and dependent on each other. In a War, there are aggressors and there are innocent victims. All sides blame one another for the conflict. Desinformation is king. People lose their homes, lose touch with their friends and sometimes families. Worst of all, people lose their lives.

Amidst this 21st century madness in Ukraine in the early months of 2022, we will once again – talk about modeling. However, not in that cynical way of making plastic into a colored toy. Nor in another cynical way to exploit the current events. But in the form of art. What modeling was meant to be from its origins. Unfortunately – art in any of its variations – is often inspired by suffering. Personal or on a higher level, sometimes sadness, tears and sorrow are the incentives for the most beautiful art creations. Songs, movies, paintings – you name it.

We stand firmly with Ukraine. Making that statement from the beginning is vital, since it will explain why and how we arranged the following in this article. We are doing whatever we can on personal level to help people who fled the country. We support their cause. We are against armed conflicts in any form. Even though our products are some form of glorification weaponry. However we are counting on that to have sentimental value, just like we all think and remember the two World Wars. We hate wars, but we respect the heroes born within.

With the following models we would like to inspire your creativity. Your personal way to express your feelings in regards to the horrors happening today in Ukraine. We will start with the popular kits representing Ukrainian forces, that are currently available and might help you do your next project. Then, on the upcoming modeling shows, hopefully that will be just a bitter memory for most and show of respect to those who suffered the real losses.

dedicated to their fight mig-29 g.w.h. 1/48 dn models masks for scale modelsGreat Wall Hobby is the very best MiG-29S on the market as of today. Click on the image to get the kit.

The abovementioned is the most famous weapon of war used in Ukrainian conflict. With the Ghost of Kyiv story circulating the news Worldwide, MiG-29 9-13 became a legend in a very short period. The kit is available in 32nd and 72nd scale as well as camouflage paint masks in all scale in our shop. However in 32nd it is missing and our suggestion for 72nd scale is either ICM kit or Trumpeter one. Hurry up though – latter one is already a scarce item.

dedicated to su27 g.w.h. 1/48 flanker ukraine dn models masks for scale modelsThe one above is our recommendation for a Flanker kit. It is again from G.W.H and you can get it clicking on the image.

Su-27 Flanker in its blue Digital Camouflage standard for Ukrainian Air Forces is another great option. A bigger jet, with more graceful appearance, the Flanker will be remembered as the jet who was first to be scrambled in the conflict. Same goes for the Su-25, but since the Frogfoot is available in a decent form only in 32nd scale currently, we won’t recommend it. And the sole reason for that is, that is already not-available widely. You have to do your own research to get it.

mi-24 hind trumpeter 48 dn models masks for scale modelsMil Mi-24 is another tool of war, currently used from the both sides. Above you can see 48th scale representation, but we would suggest the 32nd scale option due to many reasons. Mostly the ability to super-detail the kit.

Next, there are the Russian vehicles participating. Among modelers, currently there are trends to make those damaged, abandoned or destroyed, which by itself is another form of art. Interconnected with that is the hope that suffering through many non-human casualties, the aggressor will withdraw its forces back to its own territory. With that said, we would not like to inspire any hate or art form depicting human death. Instead, maybe the reaction of a fierce resistance, leading to large loss of vehicles. Aerial or armored ground.

gaz tiger meng dedicated to their fight dn models masks for scale modelsGaz Tiger from MENG is a superb model /click on the image to get this/. There are variations of course. Masks for Tiger are also available.

Tiger from Gaz is a vehicle could be seen abandoned, burned or severely damaged in many pictures and videos posted during the first days of the invasion. There are options, however MENG would be our choice. Details and the options of making it ripped apart and abandoned by de-motivated soldiers would be a great diorama idea. Besides, this vehicle is not heavily armored, thus it is not as much a killing machine as the next one:

hot-kits-meng-t72b3-dn-models-masks-for-scale-modelsWe’ve talked for the T-72B3 previously in our articles. This is the best of the best in 35th scale. MENG again. /Click on the image to get it/.

Being the most aggressive tank alongside with T-90, T-72B3 is a definite show stopper if built properly. Besides, as we mentioned in an article not so long ago – those are being grabbed of the stores lightning fast. Above, we mentioned that Su-25 and MiG-29 from Trumpeter in 32nd scale suitable for Ukraine representations are already gone. This tank will be next.

With that said, there are others as well. S-300 from Trumpeter is one kit that deserves attention. It is rather big and it can be turned into a casualty of war, but imagination is required. Same goes for variations of the MT-LB again from Trumpeter. Also – and yet again from that same company – another not so popular vehicle can be turned into an interesting diorama. Why not captured – 2S7M Self-Propelled gun, that can also be seen on the videos firing the awful shots of the war.

Last, but not least is that beast below:

t-64bv era trumpeter dn models masks for scale models

This is T-64BV, but currently, availability is a problem for this specific variation. Next best thing is T-64 ERA, which is close, but not exactly the same. With that said, if you are using this as a platform to built a destroyed, abandoned or captured vehicle, only your imagination will be the limit. Many vehicles are used within this particular conflict. They are various and come from different sources. Both Russians and Ukrainians are exploiting all the possibilities as much as they can.

In the end, both sides are using whatever they can get their hands on. Agricultural tractors as well. It is quite unfortunate, but – we must accept it as the bitter truth. Again – we are against all this, but we are pro-creativity and we would like to see your art-self expressing their feelings of the war throughout these models mentioned above. Of course, you shouldn’t stop with what we picked. These are just mere suggestions. We would stay away from Zvezda though, since it is a Russian company, although it offers different variations of the subjects mentioned. They actually have to offer even more. But its not about that. It is all about freedom, which seems to be the victim for the both parties involved in one way or another. We are left with the hope for a better World.

Let’s pray for peace!