Czech Splinter camouflage paint masks for Czech Air Force MiG-21MF #7701 1:72 1/72

Czech Splinter MiG-21MF – #7701. New Mask Set is Coming Soon!

Czech Splinter or Czech Zebra

like this camo scheme is known – is one of the best camouflage demo schemes applied on an aircraft ever. Not only that, but the aircraft it was applied on is nothing short of a legend – the MiG-21. The camo scheme was done way before the time of digital camouflages and around the time when Su-35 was first announced. Its blizzard camo scheme was close to the complexity of the Czech Splinter, but far simpler than it.

Not only attractive, but very cleverly designed, Czech Zebra was often seen at various air shows. It was applied on MiG-21MF, bort number 7701. The MF version is a third generation MiG-21, featuring large intake, 4 pylons and additional tank in the spine, which makes it quite distinctive. Although not the ultimate version of MiG-21 is probably one of the most widely used.

With the recent release

of Eduard’s new tooling in 72nd scale, MiG-21 is again the most discussed kit on the market. Not surprisingly. Eduard toolings are superb and their 48th scale MiG-21 is one of the best quarter scale kits on the market. With its accuracy and various options, it combines the popularity of the aircraft with a high quality product. That can result only in one word – success.

72nd scale was one of the most widely built scales decades ago. Not it is slowly gaining speed again, due to the number of huge aircraft that are released in it. The fact that there are tons of new releases adds to that and the need of more space too. However, Eduard proved, that this is done without any compromise of quality nor detail. Their MiG-21MF – which was the first one from the 72nd scale series – is simply astonishing.

With that release and knowing the fact how beautiful Czech Splinter looks like, we, at DN Models took a step in that direction. Mask set for 48th scale version of the Czech Zebra was already available in our store. However, we decided to improve it. After couple of months research and improved measurement techniques, we managed to alter our 48th scale mask set. The main goal was to provide better accuracy. Alongside with that, we developed a 72nd scale option.

72nd scale

option will not be any less accurate than the 48th one. The reason for that is the fact that Eduard did exactly that with their MiG-21: they scaled it down, without sacrificing the beauty of the kit. So that left us with nothing but a choice to do exactly the same. Such great quality demands great supporting products and that is why DN Models decided to improve the set the match the level that Eduard provided with their latest release.

So pretty soon on the market, there will be two new options for Czech Splinter – 48th scale V.2 and 72nd scale one. Both by DN Models. V.2 will be a polished set, featuring masks that will fit almost every MiG-21MF in 48th scale. 72nd will be newly designed set, based on Eduard tooling and will also fit most of 72nd scale third generation MiGs. However, both sets are designed for Eduard kits, simply because they are the best out there.

In 72nd scale,

Czech Zebra will be a demanding project. There is no doubt about that. The results though, will be fantastic. Many won’t have the patience to complete such an intricacy, but those who do, will have a wonderful and very attractive piece of plastic there. Even though small, in 72nd scale MiG-21 is still pretty noticeable. That is due to its shape and aggressive appearance. The Czech Zebra demo scheme adds to that and challenges the eye of the spectators. So to aim for that result, DN Models worked on the Czech Splinter last couple of months. We thought that with the Eduard’s release of a nearly perfect 72nd scale MiG-21, the Czech Zebra deserves its attention too.

So check DN Models store or subscribe for our newsletter. MiG-21MF Czech Splinter release is imminent. Of course, covering the two scales that Eduard released their beauty – 48th and 72nd. And not only – you will be able to use it wit your older tooling, in case you have one. So hopefully, to each his own.