BTM-3 a pleasant surprise

BTM-3 is a vehicle that I fell in love with the moment I first saw. It is an odd looking thing with unusual purpose. It is a tractor, modified to be a trench digging machine, working with high speed. It looks like a regular artillery tractor, but is equipped with a rotary tool, which is huge and goes behind and below the tractor, digging trenches fast and easy. This is an engineering vehicle, and fits the same class as D9R Doobi, which Meng Model released couple of years back. The Doobie became hit the moment it hit the stores and I am certain that this BTM-3 will do exactly the same.

It is true, that Trumpeter are not so sophisticated models like Meng, however they are nice and the fit is great, they are not over engineered and are very pleasant to work with. Not only that, but they are available almost everywhere in the World, which is a great advantage. Just for example, before release of the second D9R Doobi from Meng /the one with the bar armor/, the kit was in high demand and was hard to be found. Some even speculated that the reason behind that might be some rights-issues with Caterpillar.

Anyhow, BTM-3 is something that I like a lot, and honestly – never expected to see the light of day. However, Trumpeter did it again! They announced very interesting, unusual and spectacularly looking /once built/ machine, which is usually not in the spotlight, but we all know it is working behind the curtain!

I cannot wait to get my hands on the kit. The BTM-3 will be one of the projects that I will try to get as soon as possible, and build it according to an example that I have available for looking 4 miles from home!

picture is courtesy of Trumpeter