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Border Model Spitfire in 35th Scale

Border Model’s latest announcement is the mighty Supermarine Spitfire. Unlike the other companies though, Border will make this kit in their own style, meaning… in different scale. Usually, planes are 48th, 32nd and bigger & smaller. But those two mentioned dominate more or less. Border however, have released couple of planes in 35th scale and now, the time has come for the Spitfire to enter that specific category.

The company announced the kit with “interior”, which is rather untypical for an aircraft. Aircraft’s interior is separated in sections and usually consists of cockpit, armament compartment, electronics /in this case radios/ compartment and engine. Unlike armor, where having an interior is a thing and it is all crammed together in the superstructure, planes hold all those in separate areas not necessarily related to one another physically. Border thought differently announcing the kit. But we will give that to the inertia they are having from their armor line.

Interior-ed Border Spitfire will feature complete engine and weapons bay, according to the boxart. The kit will also feature metal gun barrel, paint masks for the canopy and for the camouflage, PE parts and an air bomb. Latter one not described in detail. This all will be placed all together with 35th scale tooling of Mk.Vb, which is a mid-series Spit, loved by many. Hopefully, won’t be the last Border Model releases too.

The thing different here is the scale. Border Model are trying very hard to alter the well known course and offer 35th scale as a standard for airplanes, which thus far have been reserved for tanks and helicopters. Their plane line is all like that. And to many that is not a good decision, but this dish can definitely be taken with different sides. One thing is certain – unification of some sort, combining armor, helicopters and planes will happen if companies accept this 35th scale thing and make it a standard.

Border Model are alone in this quest of scale changing. However, game-changers are often laughed at at first, then suppressed and in the end – respected. We think that Border are past the first phase at this time, but haven’t started the second one yet. Whatever the case is, Spitfire in 35th scale will be welcomed by Spit lovers, because as we all know, they will take it happily in whatever scale possible, preferably 1:1. Border however and their scale-changing game is to be examined more thoroughly. Who knows, maybe new times are indeed coming.