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Border Model Panzer IV Line

For years there were no company on the 35th scale armor market that would dare to challenge Dragon with their WWII tank releases. Trumpeter gave it some thoughts which were transformed into couple of decent models, but with that came few mishaps as well. And if a huge company as Trumpeter does not consider itself serious enough to compete with DML, probably there were never to be any other producer on the market that would dare to do so either.

Takom and MENG Model gave their fair share on the market, but with selected specific tanks, which is great and the results were surprisingly good too. However, two of the most popular vehicles still needed a serious competitor on the market who would challenge DML domination. Those two vehicles were Panzer III/IV line and STUG III/IV lines. Pretty much vehicles that are based on the same platform. With that said, MiniArt did their best to represent pre-production series of Panzer III and STUG III, and they did superb job with that, but those were pre-production series. Nothing wrong with that, but /again that “but”/ the mass produced vehicles were put aside from the spotlight.

Then Border Model came to existence and they hit very hard with their Panzer IV release. The very first kit they released – BT-001, Panzer IV Ausf.G 2 in 1, Mid Production series – was an instant hit. Not only because of its qualities, but because that was the first serious attempt on the Dragon Panzer IV domination. There were others too, but this one was the real deal in every aspect. In the review we made we pointed out both its weaknesses and strong sides, but in all honesty possible – the model is superb and is a must for every modeler.

The very nice thing to know is that the next upcoming release is BT-008 Panzer IV Ausf.J Late production with Workable Tracks, which seems to be the eight from the BT line of kits. The information that we share here, about this kit being released next is directly from a very trusted source and it is not just a random invention of ours. The thing that many of you might be happy to learn is the fact, that in between BT-001 and BT-008 there will be more Panzer IV variations, some of which are known, some are still pending announcement. It seems that only the BT-002 is a different vehicle, or at least that it what it looks like for now.

The BT-008 release will feature some goodies for the first who get to order the kit. The first batches will be with metal gun barrel included and maybe something else too. Just like BT-001 came with some nice stuff as well. Border Model offers also a workable track links for Panzer III/IV tolled in 2019. Not only oriented towards their own line of Panzer IVs of course, but supplying a wonderful add on for the various Panzer IV platforms already available from other companies. Being a direct competitor to the DML that also hits hard and probably where it hurts most: DML dropped the ball with their DS tracks in many of their releases, so that gap still begs to be filled.

And there you have it: the first serious attempt in the Panzer IV arena, probably the most interesting and colorful /in any aspect/ line of tanks, which is also a basis for all kinds of other vehicles. Unlike the DML, Border Model counts on being contemporary, with all the bells and whistles that are considered a standard for the 21st century armor market. Not only that, but we have to give them the fact that they are only starting and is highly probable, that each of their further releases will alter and improve the previous ones based on the market demands and the lessons learned. 

It is undoubtedly a tough and long way, especially with Panzer IV line. So many, various and different vehicles are based on that platform, that tens of kits are a potential possibility. Each with different variations and camouflages. But every great victory follows a long path filled with challenges. Border Model seems to be very aware of the fact, that’s why they took the hard road. And so far they are doing great! Hopefully the next best STUG line will belong to them. It seems like they already own it with their Panzer IVs!