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Border Model Lancaster

Border Model Lancaster is the latest announcement from the company. At first, it is hard to wrap your head around the news, especially knowing that this will be 32nd scale airplane kit. Border Model are relatively new company, so far focused on armor models in 35th scale. They have couple of upcoming aircraft kits, but they are 35th scale as well. An odd decision. Also, a decision which makes the news about the upcoming Lancaster even more surprising.

The thing is, the Lancaster in question is a project that should’ve been released Wingnut Wings eventually. Or at least the rumor says so. Things presented that way seems to have more logic. 32nd scale Lancaster is no game of a project and it is very highly unlikely, a new company with fresh experience to show the ability to pull this one off. Not at the desired level at least. And not if we consider HK Models option as a competition already lurking out there.

It appears that Border Model purchased what was left from the WnW project and worked their way up from there. This is not 100% confirmed, but from what is circulating the web, it seems like this is the case exactly. Now, in their social media page, /where recently they had plenty of arguments with fellow competitors/, Border announced that they fixed the kit and will release it for a limited time and in limited numbers for the foreseeable future. What exactly that means remains mystery. How accurate the kit will be is also something that should be taken with a grain of salt. After all, this is not the WnW team behind it anymore.

Border Model kits are very good. Armor kits. Their planes are still in the phase at which will be a speculation to conclude anything what so ever. Once again – 32nd scale kit Lancaster? This is very very serious business. One thing is certain – if Border Model manage to pull this one off, they will up their level seriously. Will they do it or not, depends on how serious they are going to take this kit. Let’s not forget, they will be judged by the standards set in a large scale market that are very tough, plus the fact that Wingnut Wings would’ve done it perfectly. And also, they will be judged by Lancaster fans. That is one tough challenge there. Let’s not forget Wingnut Wings fans. Who will be even more harsh.