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Border Jagdpanzer IV L/48 – Early

Border Jagdpanzer IV in 35th scale is something that many modelers already predicted and expected to materialize. After Border Model Panzer IV’s success, to not exploit the basic platform to its maximum – would simply not be a logical move. So, as predicted and speculated by many, Border did exactly that and built upon the chassis of the Panzer IV, just as it happened in real life 70 or so years ago. Trim off the cupola and there we have it – low-profile tank killer.

Jagdpanzer IV in 35th scale is present on the market in several forms. With Zimmerit coating, without it, in L/48 or L/70, with or without Schurzen. Best options that one can get are from Dragon, as with many other armor kits in the last 2-3 decades. They are accurate and some of them feature brilliant combos OOTB. Others not so much, so one must be careful when picking the right kit. All in all – most of them are a good choice.

Jagdpanzer IV is an option from Tamiya as well, however not that sophisticated nor that intriguing as DML. However, Tamiya offers their trademark brilliant engineering, meaning that whatever you might mess up in the building process, in the end will have a perfectly assembled kit without any hassle what so ever. Price of Tamiya’s kit is good, but to achieve the bar set from Dragon, one must buy some aftermarket stuff either from Tamiya or other aftermarket companies out there. But that is only a matter of money, the market is full with various add-on spice-it-up options. Most of them – pretty tempting too.

Enter 2022. Border Model Jagdpanzer comes to the rescue, to those who wish to explore different opportunities. First release /which will most likely be followed by other variants/ will be of an Early L/48 option, seemingly without Zimmerit. Schurzen are depicted on the boxart, so we can expect those to be included. Also, T-Rex has done the job on this kit, which is promising to say the least. Workable tracks, PE, metal barrel are what is the new norm as well. So – included! Some jerry cans, Sherman tracks and such treats are in too. Sounds good so far. No, actually sounds great!

But, let’s consider this too – Border Model, Rye Field Model, Takom and others, quite often approach similar subjects very closely time-wise one to another. It seems like a weird competition or even weirder market strategy. So having in mind that, let’s leave the door open for the others to say their word as well. It is pretty certain that RFM will approach that same subject, especially considering their Panzer IVs. Also, let’s not forget the friction they have with Border. And from friction one might expect nothing short of heat and eventually – fire.

And yes… MiniArt are playing that same tune too, quite professionally at that. Many modelers consider them – far better than the rest. It is hard to imagine what will happen to the Jagdpanzer market if they too approach that subject. It is – after all – the very same platform as one of their very best releases so far. So, the game is far from over yet.