BMPT Terminator


Surprisingly for that relatively not so known vehicle, this April two /yes, two!/ companies, almost simultaneously have announced
that they will make 1/35 models of that subject. And both of them are considered “big players” on the market. They are Meng Model and Trumpeter.
Actually, Trumpeter announced their model first. They have a head start, but as you might expect almost immediately modelers who know what they want noted that the wheels shown on their model are wrong.


This is BMPT Terminator or Ramka. Either name works.
Wrong wheels on that model according to some

That is not such a big deal, having in mind that there are so many companies for aftermarket and someone will soon make wheels for it, if of course there aren’t any already. Also, with such a diversity in their production, mistakes are likely to occur quite often.
Overall kit looks good once built, but as most of you know that not guarantee ease of work nor clever engineering. Hopefully it will be decent – most of Trumpeter stuff have been highly improved last years. Boxart and more details expected soon.

The second one to announce Ramka was Meng Model. As we all know, they are among the best. Nevermind they are fresh on the market, Meng produce extremely high quality models, cleverly engineered and fun to built.

Meng announcement

They do not have boxart yet, and that can be expected to change at Hobby Expo China 2014 which is in two weeks from the date of that post. According to the kit will be based on their T-90, which is promising, but not still 100% confirmed. It is logical to be based on it, and for sure it was a hit when it came out, so I personally have doubts that there will be any surprises regarding that.
We will see very soon! Expect updates.

Ramka is designed to support troops and infantry operations. First Chechen War has a great deal into its development. Russia and Kazakhstan has it in service officialy. It is not the most wanted and anticipated kit, but still it will be a great subject. Let’s see what this Easter will bring us!
Trumpeter 3D of their Ramka 1/35