BMPT-72 Terminator II from Tiger Model in 35th scale

BMPT-72 Terminator II was unveiled in 2013 at Russian Arms Expo – RAE 2013, and is a successor of BMPT Terminator vehicle. It is also based on T-72 hull, but unlike brand new BMPTs, the BMPT-72 is offered as an upgrade kit for old T-72 hulls. That means cheaper and more reliable investment, which makes it very popular for countries with lower army budgets and which still have old T-72s in their inventory. In addition to that, Russian factories won’t be used for the upgrade, but instead – home based facilities of the potential clients will be where the upgrades will be done. That lowers the costs and still gives the eventual buyers an upgraded vehicle, which in the same time is almost home-made.

Trumpeter delayed their BMPT kit for a while and I thought that while waiting on them to decide what to do, we might witness a very clever trick, upgrading their initial plans /overshadowed by Meng and Zvezda successful kits/ and instead of feeding us with another standard BMPT, they will be clever enough to shoot us straight into the stratosphere with a BMPT-72 instead. That didn’t happened exactly as I speculated, although their BMPT is a bit different. Now, Tiger Model did the decisive step into the wild, and announced a brand new BMPT-72 which is about to be released very soon. It might be an 1st of April joke, but I doubt it.

For those of you who don’t know, the BMPT-72 ATGM launchers are covered with armor and they sit differently compared to the standard BMPT. The demo vehicles were camouflaged very nicely in pale grey colors, probably as a marketing trick to differ them from the original BMPT even though the splinter camo is almost the same /you can expect BMPT-72 Mask Set from DN Models very soon!/. Nevertheless, it looks like a new vehicle, and it is more close to what we expected from the name “Terminator”. If you’ve seen the movies, and I can bet you have, you will see the resemblance between the Terminator drones and the BMPT-72 ATGMs. Not like the standard BMPT – more more beautiful.

Also, what we got from Tiger Model with their Nagmachon, promises a very nice looking kit in 35th scale, which I am pretty sure will be hit by the competitors /Meng, Zvezda and Trumpeter/ very soon. But as we all know – the sooner the better, which will most likely make Tiger Model the winner here. Whatever the case is, we still don’t have enough info about the kit. Nor price. I will update you as soon as possible, just like I did with the standard BMPTs. I planned to make a full comparison between Trumpeter and Meng, just like I did with Zvezda and Meng /see the video below/, but I doubt that I will do that now. Rather a full unboxing and review for Tiger Model Terminator II. Maybe a comparison with Trumpeter, but at a later stage. Now, the most important thing regarding this subject is to get the box delivered as soon as possible! Stay tuned!

pictures in the article are taken from various web sources. Mostly from RAEs.