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BMPT-72 Terminator II from Tiger Model. Unboxing and Review

BMPT-72 Terminator II: Some background:

BMPT-72 Terminator II is a fire support vehicle, inspired by BMPT Terminator, based on a T-72 tank chassis. In general the main difference is that the BMPT-72 is a retrofit design, oriented toward T-72 operators who wants to modernize their army for less money, unlike standard BMPT which is supposed to be a new production. It is not certain what are the capabilities of the BMPT as a concept, but it is supposedly based on the experience of the Soviet/Russian army in Afghanistan and Checnen wars. It is noted in several articles that the -72 is oriented mostly towards urban warfare. In the last couple of RAEs /Russian Arms Expo’s/ the BMPT is used as a show-off vehicle, but as with many Russian build machines, the show is the last stop probably for most of them.

The name Terminator II is also an odd one, since it is not exactly clear what will be Terminated by it, let alone the suffix “II”, which reminds to the masses of the famous Cameron/Schwarzenegger movie. But maybe that was another marketing trick used by UralVagonZavod. Maybe the future will tell, is this a formidable and sophisticated weapon system or it is just another modification of the obsolete T-72.

The box:

The kit from Tiger Model was succeeded by Trumpeter’s announcement of their own version, which is not yet on the market. Tiger managed to pull out the rabbit of the hat first. Not only that, but they provided a very nice box, colorful and sturdy. The top is glossy, with bright and playful colors. The sides are with vehicle profiles and renders of the parts, decal and photo-etch show-offs. Nice logos, QR codes and hints about the contest of the box and its goodies. The boxart – a BMPT-72 Terminator II which looks a lot like a promo pictue from UVZ, at one of the RAE shows.

Overall, very neat first impression! One of the best on the armor market, probably as good as Meng Model’s boxes.

The instructions:

The instruction sheet is a booklet, black & white not overly thick. The instructions are only that, no colorful schemes, no useless explanations. Right to the point. Everything here resembles Tamiya: the step numbers, icons, tools drawings, the way that Tamiya engineers their instruction sheets/leaflets. The paper is not-so bright white as with the Japanese company, but it is very good.

Very thorough description of every step, particularly nice on the suspension. Every arm is marked with number and you cannot go wrong with it. Simple, clear separation of the steps and their details. A little chance to miss something or confuse it like with Dragon for example. Also, an additional sheet with track assembly instructions is provided. Nothing too complex there, but there is a tool included, so just in case, Tiger Model added a little something there too.

The Sprues:

Before going to the plastic, I must add a very neat add-on from Tiger Model: a sticker sheet, with colorful sticker for every sprue. This will prevent the unusual roaming through the box every time you might need some part from another sprue. This, if I am not mistaken is also a Tamiya’s idea dated back in time. Different colors for each sprue too. Small, but nice add-on, pleasant for the eye and useful during the build.

The box is not overcrowded like Meng or some of the Trumpeter boxes, but has a decent number of plastic sprues inside. Again Tamiya resemblance with the plastic material. Something in between Tamiya and Takom is what we have here, with superb quality and exciting details. Not a lot of ejection pin marks, little to-none flash and flexible material.


Tracks are on separate black sprues. Clear parts too – separated. There are poly caps on a different material sprue too. Every sprue /besides the wheels which are combined/ packed in plastic soft envelope, exactly like Tamiya does their packing, with metal staples closing it.

The top of the turret – enclosed in a separate soft plastic box with a clear cover. Very delicate!

The add-ons:

We have a nice decals set, but nothing too special. Small, compact, just enough for the vehicle. The photo-etch sheet though is a gem: engraved with Tiger Model logo and 28 types of PE parts in it. Packed over a black thin and soft cardboard-like material, it shines! The material is softer than Trumpeter but thicker than MiniArt, which is just about the gold standard! Nice touch here too!

A flexible metal towing rope. Something, that some of you might be used to with the older DML kits, but rarely seen today. Even if present, for example with Trumpeter stuff, not even close to the quality of this one here. Even though the cable isn’t particularly interested when you look at the BMPT-72 Terminator II, Tiger Model did that effort too.

Then we have two metal gun barrels. Packed in a separate box, just like the turret top. This is the cream of the cake in my opinion. They are delicate, precise, nothing close to the mediocre plastic gun barrels. BMPT and BMPT-72 has delicate barrels, which aftermarket companies supply for the other BMPT makers. Here Tiger Model spared us the hassle of buying aftermarket, providing the metal parts OOTB. The muzzle breaks are with clean cuts, no flash, no troubles what so ever. Just beautiful!

The engineering:

It seems to me that we have a winner here too. Comparing the Meng BMPT with Tiger BMPT-72 Terminator II, I found to have twice as much parts with Meng, but not that nice of a detail and engraving. Unusually complicated builds are thrown away with Tiger, presenting the modeler with just the right amount of part count to give you pleasure and spare you the hassle. Even with the tracks. Which are workable as you might guess from the pictures.

We have detailed caps and brackets, texture on the track pads, tire treads on the wheels, welding lines along the metal assembly. We also have poly caps holding the upper and the lower part together, as we’ve used to see in Academy and Tamiya. Another resemblance with the Japanese company here…

Fenders are superb, with curves along the imitated rubber parts of them, fine rivets and even better L-shaped hooks. Sprockets are well defined, clearly molded. Stowage boxes as well. Even though most of them are molded onto the upper part, they are not a tiny bit lesser in quality compared to Meng or Trumpeter. Just the contrary. They look better. Definition of every part here is helpful especially with those who love to prime and seal after, witch several varnish layers. No detail will be hidden.

We have workable suspension, movable turret and hatches which are positionable but can be made into movable quite easily. In addition to all that we have antitank missiles included.

The camofulage options:

BMPT-72 Terminator II is seen mostly at the military equipment shows. As you might guess, the camo schemes are primarily demonstration ones. They are quite similar to the splinter camo used with the BMPT Terminator. We have a nice colorful with four variants of BMPT-72 Terminator II camo. Three splinter camo versions, including the famous Gray one, – which is a lot of people’s favorite – and a Modern Russian semi-soft edge scheme, with the new red stars design.

They are all clearly depicted, but execution of those, considering the turret shape won’t be an easy task. DN Models steps up here, providing several new sets for the popular BMPT-72 camouflages. The masks that are designed for the standard BMPT are very popular among modelers and DN Models would never miss a chance to introduce new products which will be handy for airbrushing odd and difficult camo schemes. Since BMPT series are one of our favorite subjects, you can check the store for Terminator II versions if you need help with the painting process!


We have:

  • Brand new tooling
  • Photo-etch sheet
  • Metal gun barrels
  • Metal Tow Rope
  • Workable suspension
  • 4 independent anti-tank missiles
  • Workable tracks
  • 4 Camo schemes

This is one fine kit I must tell ya! If you don’t know who the maker is, you can easily mistake it with Tamiya. Instructions, plastic bags, plastic quality – everything resembles Tamiya. There are differences of course. For example the nice PE sheet which is something that Tamiya rarely uses, and not in this brass color. Also the metal gun barrels as well as the workable tracks.

I checked the dimensions, since the first impression that I got was that the hull is too small for T-72. However it matches it almost perfectly with slight differences here and there. The detail of the engravings is better here, although many will scream for Meng, I know. But the truth is that this kit looks better. It has just enough parts, not unusual and useless complications. At the same time we have workable suspension and tracks, movable turret and most importantly – several different mediums: PE, Metal, three kinds of plastic and a towing rope. Just enough to satisfy the needs of the most picky ones among the modelers.

Not to mention the camo schemes. They are definitely better than the standard BMPTs, probably because this is a second generation /sort of/ of that vehicle. Alongside the nice touches in the kit: packing, sprue stickers, wonderful boxart, I consider this to be among the nicest choices for a modern AFV in 35th sale on the market. The price is not bad at all and it is almost perfect OOTB.

Highly recommended all together with Tiger Model as a company!

You can get the kit HERE

Check out the DN Models Shop for Camo Paint masks for the BMPT-72.