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Blackburn Buccaneer S.Mk.2A/B – Tanmodel

Blackburn Buccaneer was a carrier-borne attack jet fighter, designed in the 50s. Blackburn later became part of Hawker Siddeley and eventually, you might’ve heard about the Buccaneer with that prefix too. It was introduced during the 60s and it is still one of the most iconic British jet fighters ever built.

The model of that subject was missing for quite some time. Actually there are some, but the quality is poor overall. We have it in 72nd and 48th scale from Airfix with old-ish releases which says a lot about the quality. Tanmodel promised not so long ago a new tool, improved in any possible way scale model kit of the Blackburn Buccaneer. And they are about to keep their promise.

The Buccaneer features folding wings, streamline design and enormously big airbrake. The tail boom splits in two, and that is where it’s charm sits. Besides, Blackburn Buccaneer became even more famous with Thunder City in South Africa. For those who doesn’t know what that is, it is a fun park for big boys with child’s dreams and big wallets.

So, if you by any chance missed that jet, I can assure you – this kit will be a must if decently executed. Tanmodel so far proved that they are reliable in terms of design and engineering. Although not the best out there, they struggle hard to be among the top brands. Blackburn Buccaneer will help with that goal for sure, if the Turkish company manages to pull of the rabbit here and provides us with a decent 48th scale replica of the beast.

After all, the market for Carrier based, twin engine jets is big in 48th scale. And this isn’t a kit you see everyday nor the real plane for that matter. With quite a few Etendards on the market lately, I hope this will stir the watters more!