Barkas Group Build – for Panzer III lovers

Hamilkar Barkas is one of the first YouTube modelers and currently – one of the biggest and most popular channels for scale models. He caught my attention few years back, when I found a video build of a Stalingrad Station Diorama in few parts. I was pretty ‘green’ in armor modeling back then, and this video answered a lot of my questions and gave me additional boost of motivation. Apparently, that happened with many out there, through his videos of building various subjects of armor and showing the process in very nice and positive manner.

So now, few years later, with our growing and diverse YouTube modeler community, TacticalJackalope /another fellow youtuber/ decided to make a Group Build dedicated to Hamilkar Barkas, called Barkas Group Build, featuring Hamilkar’s favorite vehicle – Panzerkampfwagen III. The Barkas Group Build is dedicated to Hamilkar Barkas efforts to promote the hobby, share his experience and the ultimate goal that he achieved doing that – get back many modelers to the hobby and kickstart some others. His inspiration is huge, and I can tell you that from my own personal perspective, being constantly motivated from watching his videos, his techniques and learning from his approach to armor modeling.

Stalingrad Station Diorama by Hamilkar Barkas

Hamilkar was a myth when I fist saw his Stalingrad Station videos, and now, few years later I am proud to call him a friend! He is truly wonderful human being, very knowledgeable, kind, friendly and helpful! I must tell you, his videos were the reason I know him, /and the Sunday Google+ meetings that TacticalJackalope is hosting/ and I understand perfectly the reasons why Barkas Group Build is happening.

Hamilkar, maybe unwillingly managed to gather us into a new small/growing/, but friendly and helpful society, called YouTube Modeler’s Community. Modelers who share their hobby not through forums, but making more efforts than the rest of the guys and elevating the hobby into another wonderful thing – videomaking. He did inspired a lot and as I’ve said, that wasn’t left unnoticed. We know him as a person, not only a YouTube celebrity, as a friend and as a modeler.

From there, the idea obviously emerged, making his favorite tank into one big Barkas Group Build, where all of us participating will be able to show our personal touch of that famous WWII tank. Paying respect to Hamilkar Barkas and his efforts, making his channel even more popular and acknowledging his achievements in turning YouTube into another modeling platform, seems to be behind that Group Build.

For me personally, Panzer III is a subject that I long to build, especially since I saw Ausf.N built and winning gold at Scale World Competition in Istanbul, 2015

The Pz.Kpfw.III tank is something that I discussed more than once with Hamilkar Barkas and I will participate in Barkas Group Build, showing my progress in my YouTube channel and sharing my experience with the other guys doing the same. Last year due to other engagements I missed the STUG Life GB held by Adam Mann /if I am not mistaking/, but this time I am in! Barkas Group Build will feature all kinds of Panzer III tanks, in any scale and any variant including STUGs. It will start late April or early May and will continue throughout 2016, up until its end. It will feature only one model per participant, due to the fact that usually many go in, few get through and get out with build kits in those Group Builds. Also, TacticalJackalope mentioned that he might have Hamilkar pick the top three kits built in Barkas Group Build once it end, but this is not yet confirmed.

The Master Modeler and a good friend: Hamilkar Barkas

So, if you have a YouTube channel and want to share your modeling, and you love Panzer IIIs, this is the right time to get on board! I am still wondering in between Tamiya or DML Ausf.N or Dragon Ausf.J in 35th scale. I also considered Tamiya’s 1/48th scale Ausf.L, but it will all depend on what time I can set aside for building. My personal preference for the moment /not only for Barkas Group Build/ is Ausf.N with winter tracks, but the final one I will announce in my Barkas Group Build announcement video.

We have about one month to go!

You can visit our YouTube channels and get into action with us:

Hamilkar Barkas

Myself – DN Models


DN Models will make 50% off of Panzer III mask sets for participants in the Barkas Group Build. They are designed to work best with Pz.Kpfw.III from MiniArt but can be used with other Pz.IIIs as well. To get 50% discount, all you have to do is send me a link to your entry video, which have to feature Panzer III vehicle for Barkas GB.

Panzer III Ausf.B mask set

Panzer III Ausf.C mask set

Panzer III Ausf.D mask set