B-24 Liberator in 32nd scale from Hobby Boss


January 17th, 2019

Check those links for:

Canopy Paint Mask Set for B-24J 1/32

Insignia and  Numbers for #83211

Captured Liberators – Luftwaffe KB200 B-24 set

If there were an ugly plane that USAF used in the Second World War, that was the Liberator. It was tough to be operated too. From whatever stand point. It is a demanding aircraft but nevertheless, it is loved and admired up to this day. Many still fly and Liberators from different modifications can be seen at various Airshows, mostly around US.

Consolidated B-24 Liberator is available for modeling and is mostly build in 72nd scale. There is a very bright future for fans of this beast though. In the Trumpeter/HobbyBoss catalogue for 2018/2019, the Chinese Mega-Company promised to release it in 32nd scale. In two versions B-24J and B-24D.

That means a lot for WWII bombers fans and for large scale planes modelers all together. This is a rare combination and a surprising news too. Of course, scale models are growing slowly but steadily last couple of years and companies like HK models are thriving with kits like their B-17. So this wasn’t exactly unexpected announcement from Trumpeter and Hobby Boss. Still, it is good news.

A little is known about the two upcoming kits. The lack of boxart for both models means that most likely they won’t be out in 2018, but rather in 2019. Still, we are with less than a week left in 2017, so it won’t be that long till Liberator fans will get to enjoy the new kit. Other than that, we are left with a hope that Trumpeter and Hobby Boss will release a kit that is up to the current standards. Let’s not kid ourselves, we won’t get a Zoukei-Mura kinda of accuracy and engineering, nor Tamiya fit. But what we can really get is decent accuracy, gaps that are easily filled with aftermarket goodies and correct panels lines and rivets. That isn’t that much of an ask for the Chinese to provide with this new kit, right?

As soon as any more decent and broader information is available, I will try to keep up and update here. B-24 is far from my favorite aircraft, but if the kit is decent I won’t hesitate to get one, review and build it.

Picture of the B-24 is courtesy of USAAF