Arma Hobby P-39Q 1/48 dn models scale model masks

Arma Hobby P-39Q 1/48

Arma Hobby are a modeling company that is respected by modelers, even though not very famous overall. Sometimes though, popularity and quality are two different things and we have seen that with more than one model maker in the last two decades or so. Arma have produced several high quality kits, that can compete with the best and now, they are about to try something new. It was just announced, that a new tooling of P-39Q Airacobra in 48th scale is on the way.

That is a bold move, but clever all together. In that scale, P-39Q was in some need of a new and contemporary tooling. But overall, the real plane lacks the popularity and fame of the Mustangs and the Spitfires out there, which is to a very large extent unmerited. Bell’s plane was used successfully, with some pre-requisites as altitudes and the way of it being flown. That does not make it anything less than an early Bf109, nor a Spit, it makes pilot training and approach to flying essential for its success. In other words, it was a serious tool of war, it just had to be used properly.

To the very same extent that goes for Arma Hobby too. They are very good, but for some reason or another, they are not that commented nor widespread. Releasing 48th scale Airacobra though, will most likely change the scenery. Their kits are highly detailed, with some features lacking in most of their competitors. They also have superb quality of molding, which is something we all want. In the same time, there are plenty of new companies that offer similar features, but on subjects that are over-exploited.

A new P-39 line in 48th scale will definitely make Arma Hobby more visible and closer to being an A-player soon. For what we’ve seen and know, they deserve that for some time now. When you start to research and look closer at their current releases it becomes obvious that talented and devoted people are in the core of their team. So in our opinion, a new best-of Airacobra is about to appear soon.