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Answering a Question to Our UK Clients


Since the end of January we’ve received plenty of similar questions from our UK customers. It is all about the orders and how things will continue after Brexit. Lately, Corona Virus too. Although this article mostly concerns Brexit, the issues with the parcels to the United Kingdom is an unanswered question in both of the cases. Luckily, we can try to clear some things up a bit here.

Up to this point, there is absolutely no change with the UK parcels. Time frames are pretty much the same, although some delays are expected. Latter one concerns crippled transport system caused by the Covid-19 panic. However, with Brexit, so far nothing has changed.  Parcels come and go same as before. Official news state that tax-wise one year after the Brexit things will continue the same way as before. After the end of 2020 is not exactly clear what comes next, but supposedly there will be a deal between EU and UK. Anyhow, this is months from now and the virus situation adds to that too. So first let’s get throughout 2020 and worry about that afterwards. 

Considering how everything is going sideways currently, we can expect that in 2021 there will be some relaxed measures and slow changes that will help additionally. With that said, there is no way to predict is there gonna be some drastic changes or not. Some overseas countries are now banned and normal postal services are halted indefinitely. However, even with Brexit and Corona Virus, United Kingdom is not among those. We can still provide normal services and you will be able to get your parcels in timely manner and without any additional taxes or charges. Everything is still the same as the year before and the year before that.

In 2021 things might or might not change. This is a variable that is yet to be defined and the Worldwide /Covid-19/ confusion is the main reason why. From our end, all we can do is try and provide the same service as before, at least to an extent that concerns our activities. With that article we sincerely hope that some questions are answered and our UK clients will be satisfied and more relaxed. However, feel free to email us with additional questions that might arise now or in the future. As always we will be happy to help!