Another M3 from Takom.

Shortly after announcing their first two variants of the ill-famous tank M3, Takom announced another one: #2087 M3 Late. From what I saw with the other two releases, the kit is a rather successful one and it offers great deal of possibilities for those modelers who try to stay aside from the most popular applications.

M3 was used in the shadow of M4, which by itself wasn’t something great as a tank, but history made it famous enough to have a spot at most of modeler’s collections. Lee stayed in the shadows mostly. However, the M3 played some role in Africa and Eastern Front, so there is some possibility that Russian modelers might have some attachment to that tank.

The odd looks and the weathering applicable to that particular model made the Takom’s decision a good step towards expanding their successful line, which is already broad enough. With that, they filled a gap that nobody else wanted to – the M3 in 35th scale.

I believe this is a good move overall and it is about time that we see more of these support-like vehicles at the modeling shows, making way through Shermans, Tigers and STUGS. Not that the latter aren’t good, but a fresh blood is always wanted in whatever area of modeling.

M3 Takom 2087 relase announcement comes surprisingly, only couple of weeks before Telford show 2017, where most of the companies announce their new projects or reveal something ready to go. Wondering what Takom will have to offer at Telford? Now, since another M3 was announced, maybe something very interesting is brewing and we are yet to find out…