AD-6 Skyraider by Zoukei-Mura 2024 dn models scale model masks

AD-6 Skyraider by Zoukei-Mura

AD-6 Skyraider is a plane that we all know well. It has been available in all three major scales and in different variants for some time. But nothing beats the brilliant execution that Zoukei-Mura did with it in 32nd scale. For years, this has been arguably the best Skyraider out there. Its massive size and the interior bells and whistles made from the Japanese model maker guaranteed its success. Although a competitor with decent qualities is available from Trumpeter in that same scale, ZM kit was always the one that was more valued by the modelers all over.

The tooling is already 13 years old, but has lost none of its charms. Lastly revisited by ZM in 2019, now the company is issuing a new option, overall 23rd in their 32nd scale line. It is an A-1H, also known as AD-6 and wears different appearance that the rest of its line. It is painted in dark blue, typical for the US NAVY during the Korean War in the early 50s. The charms compared to the earth tone camo is somewhat lost, but as you can see from the picture below, none of the qualities of the kit followed that same fate.

AD-6 Skyraider by Zoukei-Mura 2024 dn models scale model masks

For many it is difficult to get a Zoukei-Mura kit due to some limitations of its availability. However, it is getting better in the  online age we live in and ordering it in should guarantee your chance to get one. Any of the kits of this specific model maker are rather hard to find and are cherished highly. This Skyraider will be no different, especially with that camo scheme which, instead of putting the focus on the exterior, will leave the precious add-ons Zoukei embedded to be seen clearly.

It is pity that Zoukei-Mura have not addressed the smaller scale yet, even though they made it with many of their releases. Tamiya Skyraider in 48th is very good, but will not be on par with potential ZM tooling, mostly for reasons stated above. Time will tell if the Japanese model maker will change their approach to this specific subject, but even if they don’t – releases such as this one will always be welcomed!

Pictures courtesy of Zoukei-Mura