Year of the Abrams – 2016. Another new tooling coming up.

As I’ve mentioned in my other articles, 2016 is the year of the Abrams tank in scale. Mostly 35th scale, and mostly, Tusk I and Tusk II version. We know that we have Rye Field Models Abrams kit, as well as the new Meng set, both very high quality with several options each, and many many details.

On 22nd of April, Academy announced that they will be releasing a new tooling of their own, again of Abrams M1A2 Sep Tusk I/Tusk II/ V 2. Academy usually make simple kits, following Tamiya’s policy from the 80s. Unfortunately, they keep the detail from those times, and even not bad at all, they are a bit chunky.

Academy Abrams will feature vinyl tracks unfortunately, some photo etch, nice looking newly molded transparent parts and huge decals set plus masks. From what I’ve seen on some not-so-official pictures, Academy improved some of their approach, but in general, they keep the idea that we have seen with their Merkava II.D.

I honestly doubt that this will be the very best Abrams kit out there, and RFM and Meng are going to be way better. Not only because they feature more sophisticated tracks but because their general approach towards the models is more up to date. I also have doubts that this will be a challenger for the Dragon latest SEP V2, but let’s not kid ourselves, Academy will have the best price. By best of course, I mean lowest.

25 years since the end of Desert Storm, Abrams have been improved into new more dangerous, mean looking and deadly effective versions. Apparently, the modeling companies are competing in the task of giving us the best Abrams ever. We have Italeri and Tamiya and Dragon on the market, and that is for years now. Their Abramses are cool and feature some goodies. But the newer ones…man, those are killer kits. Still not sure about the one in the subject here, but the other two promise to be rockin’ hard!

Stay tuned for more detailed review of Academy new Abrams set in the near future!

The picture of the boxart is taken from Scalemates site.