About myself

Hey there!
My name is Mitko, and I am glad that you are reading this!
Since this blog is about my models, I will not waste your time with info about me – I will just jump to my modeling experience.
I started in 1990. I was 10 then. F-15 1/72 was my first model. Since then, I devoted myself to aviation. Professionally too, but also in the hobby. My scale was growing, along with my skills. I ended up in 32nd, mostly jets.
At some point, I decided to make it little more profitable, and started selling my models. And since its fairly difficult to ship built planes in that scale around the world, I tried to make some AFV models.
Actually tanks were something that I loved and admired as a kid, since my father was a commander of a tank during his army service. So with my newly rediscovered love, and using knowledge from aviation modeling, I switched mostly to AFVs. I found them easy to ship all around the world, safer too, and most important – they are a lot faster builds then aircraft.
Once into that, I found out that weathering is the key to successful model, and along with that discovery, I saw a whole new world of scale modeling hobby. So many options of vehicles, at so many possible scenes, that compared to airplane modeling, especially jets, made me feel like I am 10 again.
Last years, many manufacturers brought a lot of stuff making modeler’s life easy, so I bought some of them and got into the 1/35th scale mud. And I dug deep.
Of course, in time, you got your favorite model makers. So, as I am a huge fan of Japanese engineering, and with my aircraft experience – I love Tamiya. However, nowadays, there are a lot more – Dragon, MENG, AFV Club, Bronco.
I got attached to modern IDF models. They are interesting subjects, and I have built and sold many of them. I also love WWII vehicles, mostly big ones – King Tiger, JSU-152 stuff like that.
My personal preference is to self-propelled vehicles, but I like tanks too. My favorite subjects are Jagd /panzer/panther/tiger series, Doher/Paladin, SU/JSU.
On a commission I built almost everything, as long as it is decent model, and me, with the future owner, agreed upon looks, aftermarket /if any/, camouflage and of course – price.
Last one is variable as many of you might guess. I have built models for 3 times their price, which is regular in that business, but I have built models for 11 times their price too. It varies.
I would take airplane commissions, but consider 40-50% higher prices then the regular, because they are slower builds and difficult to be shipped.
I can take orders for diorama pads,but again, if you are interested in that, you can always contact me for further info.
So, that is all I guess. Again, thank you for being here, visiting my blog, I appreciate the interest!
Look forward hearing from you!
Have fun!