A-6 Trumpeter Intruder 1/72 dn models scale model masks

A-6 Trumpeter Intruder 1/72

A-6 Intruder by Trumpeter/HobbyBoss is a kit that you probably have heard of already. In 48th scale it is made by HobbyBoss and in 32nd – by Trumpeter. It is pretty much the same thing, that will fit different space requirements and scale preferences. Both scales, but especially 32nd scale option are famous for being nicely done and accurate toolings, that are some of the best that the Chinese manufacturer offers in their assortiment. As of 2024, the family grew even more, with adding a 72nd scale option, again from Trumpeter, that bears striking resemblance to the ones mentioned above.

Being a 72nd scale tooling, the new A-6 from Trumpeter cannot be with the same level of detail of course. Every scale has its limitations. However, Chinese model maker managed to squeeze a lot in that rather modest size of a plane, incorporating new age modeling technologies all together with the well known successful product, AKA their A-6 line in 1/48 and 1/32.

A-6 Trumpeter Intruder 1/72 dn models scale model masks

As you can expect, everything will be broken down into fewer sub-assemblies, just as Trumpeter did when scaling down their A-6 from 32nd to 48th. The brainchild of that venture was HobbyBoss’ A-6 line, which is still the very best on the market regarding that specific Iron Tadpole subject. From the picture of the built sample of Trumpi’s new 72nd scale Intruder it is visible that they did quite well: flaps, airbrakes, spoilers, ordnance, everything is there.

The bigger news here is that, besides the A-6A and A-6E/A-6E TRAM options, Trumpeter added /as pending future release/ EA-6 Prowler to that same line. Now, we have no doubts, that in 72nd scale that will be a wanted and warmly welcomed kit, but there is more to that. For years, there has been rumors. Why would we want A-6 only, but not EA-6 Prowler in the bigger scales as well? Kinetic has their offering of a decent Prowler in quarter scale, but that’s all there is to get when it comes down to modern toolings of the four-seat electronic warfare monster.

A-6 Trumpeter Intruder 1/72 dn models scale model masks

So if Trumpeter will release a Prowler in 72nd scale, it is somewhat of a hint what we might expect in bigger scales in the near future. In 48th that will be a definite competitor to Kinetic’s line, but in 32nd scale Trumpeter’s eventual EA-6B Prowler would be an absolute king. With that said of course, we don’t want to annoy our 72nd scale fellow modelers, but from a general perspective, the announcement of the 72nd scale Prowler in that new line will most likely touch all the three scales eventually. Therefore, we know – the news about new Trumpeter 1/72 Intruder line is exciting and it looks good too! But the prospect of having this enlarged…well, that’s even better!


Pictures are courtesy of Trumpeter