2017 – looks like the biggest year for Zvezda

Last couple of days Zvezda announced several new kits, all new toolings, all interesting vehicles and planes. They are scheduled for 2017 release and if you follow Zvezda you might know that they work in time lately, so that will most likely happen!

Latest thing from them is the T-14 Armata platform, which is pretty nice kit. It lacks colorful instructions, it lacks photo-etch parts, but it is cheap. And being cheap nowadays is important. Especially when we talk about the most accurate Armata on the market. Zvezda did their Armata alongside with UVZ – Ural Vagon Zavod, the producer of the real T-14 MBT.

But back to 2017 upcoming releases – What we start here is a Boeing’s 737-800 in 144th scale, a gap /not a small one/ in the civil aviation models, which requires attention for some years now. Current kits are way below the standards with thick parts and doubtful accuracy. Many will look forward to Zvezda to fix that. With their Boeing 777-300ER and 787 Dreamliner releases out now, we can have some expectations for it.

Next they announced Yak-130. An advanced jet trainer, slowly making a name for itself in the real world. Zvezda promised 72nd scale new tooling, which might not be a big model, but might be quite big deal if Zvezda manage to pull out an accurate and easy to assembly model.

Also in 72nd scale a new MiG-29 is brewing. Yes, it is true that MiG-29 is a song that we’ve already heard in many different covers, but this time we are talking about the SMT, and who else but the Russians can surprise you with an accurate model of that thing? It is new, it is made in relatively small numbers and they have it for evaluation there. What we’ve seen with the Armata and UVZ, might be the case with Zvezda and OKB Mikoyan. We’ll see soon enough.

35th scale is recently the most wanted thing out there. So, for that fan base, Zvezda are releasing the most.

First comes the Sd.Kfz.184 Ferdinand. This monster of a vehicle used by the Wehrmacht during WWII was available so far from Dragon and Tamiya. Both with great qualities and also flaws /of course…/. So Zvezda announced new tooling! Well, that will be pretty tough job for them, since Dragon and Tamiya offer PE, metal parts and so on and from what we’ve seen so far Zvezda are missing that point in their scale model kits. Hopefully though, we’ll have a new tooling Ferdinand for less money!

Then we have another TIger vehicle derivative, which already is available as a base from Meng Model, Xact Scale Models and Zvezda. I am not a fan of this vehicle, but whoever is, probably will be pleased to see a new version coming down the road. This time with ATGM on the top, which will make it a tiny bit more attractive once built. Or not.

Last but not least is URAL 4320 Truck, which also is pretty popular lately. Hopefully, since it is Russian again, and it is Ural, it will be done alongside with the factory, which means accuracy. Adding to that Zvezda, we’ll get low price and decent quality.

So it is pretty obvious, that even if Zvezda are to be the only new toolings for 2017, it won’t be a cheap year for modelers. Seeing the T-14 Armata just couple of days ago, I must add that I will get at least half of those above, starting with their 737. Zvezda are showing great potential and big ambitions, which is great. Hopefully we won’t have to wait long to get first of these in the stores. Come back to check for some reviews of them!