horten ho-229 1/72 1/144 zoukei mura dn models

1/72 Horten Ho-229 Flying Wing from Zoukei-Mura and Bonus…

Just a couple of day ago, I did a discussion with a fellow modeler who didn’t know about the existence of 48th scale Horten Ho-229 from Zoukei-Mura. For those of you who never heard of that, it is a scaled down version of their wonderful Ho-229 in 32nd scale. The kit features the same engineering – transparent parts, internal body structure and so on.

We discussed how nice it would be for a modeler to make and present a set of the two scales side by side – 48th and 32nd. Of course, this gives you the option to present the models in different camo schemes and in this case – in totally different appearances. As you might know from the review I’ve done – the outer layers are made from transparent plastic material.

So imagine my surprise, when I read through one of the social network updates and I saw the Zoukei-Mura update for 72nd scale Horten-229.  Zoukei-Mura promises engineering with the highest possible standards and as many details as the scale allows. This is quite a promise and it sends chills back my spine, since I am very familiar with their 48th and 32nd scale kits.

Since Horten Ho-229 is not a small aircraft, you can imagine that in 72nd scale we will have a lot to deal with.

The surprises does not stop there!

Zoukei-Mura promises that there will be a bonus included in the box – 1/144 Horten Ho-229. And that was the last drop in my cup! As a devoted fan of that German jet miracle, I was excited to the maximum, knowing that we will have now 4 scales available for that flying wing.

Besides, all of them will be from Zoukei-Mura, so far giving us the best kit of the Horten 229. And they will fill the market basically for everybody! 1/144 scale isn’t popular as 48th, but in the Nordic countries 144 alongside with 72nd are very warmly welcomed and modelers there often create miracles with the kits.

With the proper out of the box basis – Zoukei-Mura tooling – I have no doubts we are about to see tons of Horten 229s at the shows and in all scales possible.

Great news!

Alongside with the smallest kit they ever did (1/144 scale Horten), Zoukei-Mura announced one of their biggest as well – twin-seater Do-335 Pfeil – soon to update you on that one too. ! So stay tuned!