1/35 M109A2 Doher – AFV Club + Legend

This item was one of my most challenging builds since I first touched a model. Not only because it features Legend Productions Resin conversion set but because the weathering is specific, and the model was a commission built for a guy, who really knows how it must look.

The kit used was AFV Club M109A2 howitzer, which is widely known, and very warm welcomed. It has tons of small pieces, but the final result is worth the hassle.  Additionally to that,
I got Bison Decals, Legend Productions Doher Conversion set and AFV Club tracks. Last thing wasn’t the best choice, since Friul tracks are way more effective, and they took just about same effort to be built.
On the sides of the Doher, there are rails, were crates, backpacks and more stuff are attached. Those rails were the most difficult part of the whole project. They are photo-etched parts which are attached from one side to the hull, and on the other, they have resin parts. Besides, each rail has four attaching points, and each side has two aligned rails. Quite a measuring, I assure you!

Even with that, I finished the model for 3 weeks. The most time consuming were the tracks. As I’ve said before, Friul tracks is the best way to go. They need different weathering and assembly techniques, but on the other side, plastic tracks from AFV Club wasn’t that much better then the vinyl ones supplied in the kit, nor as a detail or as a realism.
As far as I am concerned, if I am gonna change the tracks of anything from this project on, it would be only with metal parts. They have weight and give unmatched look to the finished model.

Upon completion of the model itself I got onto the base pad and a booklet, which were meant to be a present for the future owner. I hire professional designer to make the book, took some in-process pictures of the build and combined them with pictures of the real deal. I ordered dark frame, and inside a placed the pre-cut diorama pad. I replicated a street, where concrete barriers and tripods are placed. Since the model and the pad was about to travel 6000 miles I wanted to keep it simple.

Booklet and the pad before packing and shipping
This is how it should look with tripods and concrete barriers on

I scratch built the concrete barriers and covered them with plaster which I later dented to make the look over used. The tripods are also scratch built.
They aren’t attached to the pad, so many different settings are possible. There is enough place for the model too.

The letters on the side match the booklet’s

You can imagine the pad with the howitzer on it, but unfortunately I don’t have pictures of them together. They were shipped at different times, and the owner didn’t wanted to wait, since he liked his new model very much.
He has quite large collection of models, and I am proud that some of my works are in his possession.

So, the final result is – fully movable turret, movable barrel, diorama pad and a 14 page booklet with info about the whole build and the real thing.
The new owner loves it! Me too.
Thank you for watching, I hope you liked my work too!