1000 Subscribers /not so/ Special.

Finally, DN Models YouTube channel has reached the milestone of 1000 subscribers. That happened just last week, after almost 10 days hiatus, which was quite unusual. The subscribers count during that hiatus was kinda frozen, which was quite unusual comparing it to the last 3 or 4 months of constant movement. Maybe YouTube evaluated something on my channel, maybe something else was happening. One can only guess.

I waited for this moment a long long time, knowing that this is some sort of a magical number after which things will go ballistic and all my efforts, appreciated by at least 1K subscribers there will actually become a real happening. Unfortunately, nothing of that kind happened, and even after a week of waiting and hoping for a slight change, things remained the same.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t expected a space shuttle launch to happen, but even the slightest add-ons like monitoring your biggest fans among your subscribers never showed. The only thing I got from this milestone, was a short annotation from YouTube, saying I have reached 1000 subs and now I can fill a theater with them. Good to know. The new people that came in after, actually were with the same steady flow of everyday new subs, which is the opposite of what rumors say. You should go faster and easier after 1000 mark. Nope. Not here. Not in my case.

Whatever the case is, I realized that having 1000 subscribers is rather a bigger responsibility than a success, and DN Models is liked, thus I gotta keep on working. Even harder. So what I want to say is “Thank You!” to my subscribers, to people who read here and to people who email me and communicate with me through the social networks. I am grateful for having them in my flow of communication, and I am thankful for their appreciation of my efforts. Seeing nothing happening after 1K subs, I realized also that actually all along the way something did happened. That is new friends found among the other YouTubers, new contacts with people who think alike and new experience in people interaction in general. I am truly grateful for that!

I wish to express my gratitude to all my supporters out there, to the people who comment and communicate with me most: Mark, Carlos, Michael R., Michael S., Michael R/again but another one/., Rafael, Andy, Paul S., Paul A. and David. They gave me boost without even knowing, when I was wondering do I need to go on with that endeavour and does my efforts count. Also, I want to thank Alina and Vladislav from MiniArt for their trust in me, and especially Vladislav for the wonderful communication along our mutual work!

Thank you guys! I will try and do better and better. YouTube might’ve done nothing with my 1000 subs milestone, but you did along the way and I am grateful! DN Models could not exist without you, not in YouTube but anywhere! See ya soon!