1/48 Kits Still Missing dn models scale model masks

1/48 Kits Still Missing

1/48 is a scale that is very popular. Many call it “King’s Scale”, implying that this is the Holy Grail of plastic modeling. The latter is definitely not true when it comes down to armor and helicopters, but to some extent – might be considered as a partial truth for airplanes. Nevertheless, even at the extremely active times that we live in, with new companies and better technologies appearing by the minute, there are still some kits that are not represented decently or even at all in that mantra-of-a-scale. Let’s take a quick look.

Despite many kits being available, with the current trend there are numerous requirements from the modeler’s end which, more often then not are not being satisfied. In other words, even though the kit is there, if it is not up to a certain standard, there is still a demand for it. The latest release, if missing the qualities /being a standard/ is – as if it never existed in the first place.

Here are five kits that are like that:

Sukhoi Su-17/Su-22

There are two recent options on the market currently. They are both rather new and unfortunately neither one is good enough. There is KittyHawk and there is HobbyBoss. KH are non-existent anymore and their Fitters cannot be found easily, nor at a reasonable price. HobbyBoss are inferior in terms of accuracy with serious flaws in the shape, which makes the line unsatisfactory to put it politely. Even if you pick one of the two, you will end up with the need of aftermarket and the need to re-work some areas. After all that, it is still unlikely to achieve results that will be as good as with any of the recent kits of let’s say – F-4 Phantom. Two and a half times less Fitters were built compared to the Phantom in real life, but Su-17 /and family/ shouldn’t be taken lightly. From Su-22 backwards, up to and including Su-7, there is a rich military history written in blood that deserves attention. The Fitter is a jet that is an important milestone and yet, nobody managed to offer decent tooling despite the demand.

1/48 Kits Still Missing dn models scale model masks

A-7 Corsair II

Hasegawa and HobbyBoss offer SLUFs in 48th scale, but both are far from the contemporary requirements. Japanese kit is obsolete, but with better shape overall, while Chinese one is with the desperate need of aftermarket for its canopy and intake, which are with wrong shape. Latter is not a big deal actually, but changing clear parts is more serious process, therefore that mod fits into a different category of skills required. Still, no signs of new tool yet. To some extent that goes for SLUFs bigger brother, the Crusader, but things are slightly different there, since Trumpeter/HobbyBoss haven’t said their final word yet in 48th, while in 32nd their kit is not bad at all.

1/48 Kits Still Missing dn models scale model masks

F8F Bearcat

This Super-Prop is loved by many and despite Hobbyboss’ 2011 tooling, there are no sings of upcoming options from another manufacturer. The kit they made is not bad, but if you consider how many Mustangs, Corsairs, Spitfires and more are on the market and especially their qualities lately, compared the HB Bearcat looks like a toy. Yet, as with the other two, there are no signs of new tooling being in the works in 48th scale, even though US Naval aviation is researched and scaled down actively in 48th the last couple years and by new comers too.

1/48 Kits Still Missing dn models scale model masks


Flogger story is long and interesting, but for whatever reason this jet never made it to the level of fame that MiG-21 had for example. Reasons for that are many, but probably the most important is that in real life, some of the older variants were evaluated by the USAF and their conclusions were that the plane is a problematic and unreliable jet, while in fact that was true solely for the first gen of Floggers. Despite that, nobody seem interested in this jet in 48th scale and besides the very poorly made and decade old Trumpeter kits, there are no signs of reviving this theme from any of the serious players on the market nowadays.

1/48 Kits Still Missing dn models scale model masks

Sepecat Jaguar

Back in 2012, KittyHawk introduced their vision of a modern quarter scale Jaguar kit. As with most of their toolings however, their Jag was with arguable qualities in terms of engineering. Besides, even if it was perfect /which it wasn’t/ they as a company are non-existent as we mentioned above. Despite that, no other options for Sepecat’s big cat are to be seen anytime soon. It seems like the cat went extinct. And that is even stranger compared with the rest from this list, since for the Jag, the market seems a bit wider. Well, maybe not compared to the A-7, but with that kit problems are fixable to some extent, while the Jaguar cannot be found at all, let alone improved with aftermarket.

1/48 Kits Still Missing dn models scale model masks

The list goes on and on. This is not the full spectrum of desired releases that many among us are begging for. There will always be more and more demands, concerning various eras and options. Mirage F-1, Lysander, BAC Lightning, Fury, Vigilante and many, many others. But in spite of that, the market is getting more Phantoms, more Spitfires and of course – plenty of Mustangs. That doesn’t make them bad, just the contrary. We welcome new and better toolings. But that still doesn’t answer the question: Where are the abovementioned? There is niche for them. There is the desire too. Can anybody please tell the companies that?